About Beaneasy

Beaneasy baby furniture is a brand founded several years ago. Being pregnant and  hardly any colors available for a cot or baby furniture in general of massive wood or other high quality. I found myself looking for a changing table with sturdy drawers, and a nursing deck that was adjustable in height. Together with an industrial designer, we started to design a line in the shape of a mother’s womb in mind; organic and soft shapes (bean shape). Beaneasy was born before my first son was; he was the first to enjoy the Beaneasy Dream cot!

Our line now excists of the Dream (cot), Hug (changing table/dresser) and the Hide (wardrobe), which all three have had a make over last year, and are now even more durable and of amazing quality!
We work with only high quality material like massive wood, linen, Blum soft closure systems etc. Safety and quality are our first concern, accompanied by really great design.

Why Beaneasy?

  • Safety
  • Highest quality
  • Organic & soft shapes
  • Unique Dutch design
  • Special features
  • All colors possible
  • High & personal service level & great people to talk with;)
  • We work with a small dedicated and talented team of designers & quality engineers

Do you have any things you want to know, miss, want to share; we’d love to hear from you!

Beaneasy furniture is truly exclusive baby furniture and ‘Dutch design, made in Holland’ and delivers almost worldwide!

On behalf of your Beaneasy team,

Cindy van der Leek